Need Ideas for Pre K Dramatic Play

sandieflJanuary 25, 2004

I work at a Pre School and am in charge of changing Dramatic Play every month.It has to be a theme for that month.I have to decorate the Stand and find something that will keep them interested for the entire month.This month is Valentines,Presidents or Black History Month. I am having a hard time thinking of something that Pre K would understand.Any thoughts would be appreciated.

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well...pre-k's not a place to put 'dramatic' and 'black history' together unless it's a passion...

how about doing soemthing about the different kinds of love?

love like you have for your favorite food, for your mom, for your best friend, the icky kind of love that teenagers obsess over? there's a children's book out there... momma and baby bunny on the cover, 'are you my momma?' maybe?

March is better...I remember our teacher teaching is how to mime, so we could 'be' sproutung seeds, or 'feel' like a tree putting out new leaves, and we all ran around with flower-faces for a week (I still have mine, plus the full-sized costume I made in college, PLUS a tattoo of the comic book character... funny how some things stick with you)

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