Can metal roof from a barn be used on a house?

beckyinrichmondJune 6, 2009

I've had a message here on roof/attic ventilation and I appreciate all the replies. When I found out the cost for metal roofing, I gave up on that and guess I'll have to use asphalt shingles. However, I'm wondering about something. There is an unused old chicken house on the property (it's a farm) with lots of metal roofing just lying there. The walls have collapsed and the roof is lying on top. Can that roofing be used on the house? It ought to be enough material as the chicken house is bigger than the house. Or it is just not practical? The metal would have some age on it. There would be nail holes. But if the panels could be trimmed off where the nail holes are, and if they're in good condition, what do you think?

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Doubtful it could be used. The seams are folded over and these roofs are not likely to be dissembled and reused.

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Most farm type buildings have metal roofs made with corrugated galvanized metal. Even with the galvanizing, those panels rust and deteriorate. It is not a good idea to install roofing that is almost guaranteed to leak on a house.

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There are a few issues to consider. Corrugated iron and rib-lock types of utility building metal are not capable of being adapted to a "detailed" roof, i.e.: a roof with valleys and dormers, without great difficulty/expertise of a very experienced mechanic. Previously-used corrugated roofing will be an expedient way to cover a roof in an emergency, but the problem will be the old nail holes and the fact that it should be installed over purlins (horizontal strapping on top of the rafters). That lumber expense alone may disqualify the choice. There is also going to be a condensation issue. You would need to lay rosin paper (not tarpaper) under the metal.
Good luck.

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