Question about Learning Disorders .. It is long Sorry

Prncess61January 15, 2002

My four year old son, was born 6 weeks early. We have been through 3 sets of PE tubes, and at one point for about 8 months he couldn't hear so he signed. He now hears on a normal level, thank goodness. He is in pre-school and he what the daycare says is showing signs of Austim, or maybe ADD or is it ADH ? BTY I am a working mom so he goes to the local school for Pre-K and then is bused to a Day Care until I get off work. He had a rough week at Pre-K, would only play by his self, cried a lot for no reason, "zoning out" and turning in circles, or running in circles. He calls all the adults Teacher because he really doesn't seem to understand they have a name. He has never been able to tell me the names of any of the children in any class he has been in. He can count to 10 but yet if you give him ten pennies he can't count them. This has been the way he has acted from day one, but the note from his teacher said it was 10 worse than normal. He can't tell you what he has done in school or daycare. For example what he had for lunch. I found out by accident. He knows the Pledge, that they say every morning by heart. But Friday at day care, she asked all the children to pick up, and he fell to the floor screaming and hitting his self. She said it was far more than just a child being upset and it scared her so bad at how he was hitting himself that she almost called 911. He has done this 3 other times, not quite as bad. Before this I just assumed it was my child "throwing a fit" as my grandmother would say. But now I am worry, I have left messages for his Pre-K teacher to call me at work or home and she won't return my calls. So, who do you call or where do I start to find out if he in just normal or needs help.

Thank for your time and any advice you can give


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He needs a professional evaluation. Autism is a disorder which borders from totally incommunicative to mild inability to make appropriate social developments. Children as young as yours benefit tremendously from early intervention. I have personally seen the improvement of my friend's son who was classified as PDD (on same spectrum as Autism, but not as severe).

Your son many not have this disorder, but if he does time is of the essence. Make an appointment with the pediatrician.


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The teacher won't call you back? That's a red flag. Go get professional medical evaluation and look for another school. A pre-school teacher is not qualified to diagnose autism or any other disabiity.

Most of all, keep on believing in your son. You WILL find out what's wrong and many times it can be fixed. I was told that my daughter would never graduate and she's in her senior year and right on track. You have to be his staunchest advocate and question everything you're told if it doesn't sound right to you.

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Also ask the dr. to have him evaluated for Sensory Integration Dysfunction. My son has it, and I was convinced he had mild autism until he was evaluated for SID - he's a textbook case. A lot of what you said about your son sounds like mine. Only a certified Occupational Therapist can evaluate for SID, but the dr. has to write a referral to the OT. Good luck!

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How is your son? Just concern. Are you familiar with

Here is a link that might be useful:

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