Choosing a paint color for Kitchen and open LR

vdinliJuly 21, 2014

We are in the midst of a kitchen/LR renovation and need to pick a paint color in the next few days. I could use your help in picking a BM paint color.

The cabinets are Cherry with a medium tone stain called Honey by the cabinet maker and we are trying to decide between Siena Bordeaux or White Springs granite. The other big elements in the LR are cream colored leather sofas. We are looking for new DR table and sideboard.

Here's the cabinet sample with the Siena Bordeaux granite.

Here's the White Springs

I was thinking of a light gray in the Stonington Gray/Revere Pewter line but they are not quite right. Revere is too peachy and Stonington too washed out. Unfortunately, the stone yard doesn't have samples for me to take to the paint store.

Any idea of other medium gray that I should try out-I am looking for grays with green undertones. Should I go darker or maybe look in the sage family of colors. Am I going in the right direction?

Thanks for any input.

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I like the Siena Bordeaux. Can you say specifically what colors are in there? It's hard to tell from the photo. Looks like all browns and grays?

The second looks like it has some purple/red tones in it?

I wouldn't go with gray. snore. I'd pick a color that will add some depth, esp. in the kitchen area. Kitchens tend to be great places to get some bold color up because of the lack of wall area.

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Tibbrix..."snore" make me chuckle. I actually like gray but it seems it's become a requirement.

Vinu, when you say cream, do you mean it has a yellow undertone? I like gray with yellow in the same saturation--so a light gray without undertones might look nice. I like the White Springs because it has larger patches of cream and cleaner grays. The other feels muddier to me. Your house is small so I'd let the dining room furniture and cabinets be the dark tones.

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Any pics of the rooms?

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Sorry for absconding after posting yesterday. I had to get more detailed pictures that were on a different computer.

So here are so more details:

This is our LR from a few years back: We chose Nantucket Gray after this picture was taken. We took down a few walls so it is more open . After this current remodel we will keep the sofas/chair and maybe the display shelf. I haven't decided on the art-it is nothing fancy-so wouldn't mind changing it out if it doesn't work with the new wall color.

The new kitchen space-The only wall showing will be above and below the window.

Dining area(so tiny-can't call it a room!)

Close up of the granite:

Another shot from mid distance:

The paint will go all around the LR/DA/Foyer/Kitchen. The kitchen will have medium tone cherry cabinets. I am not sure on the hardwood floor color yet.

I was thinking of BM Baltic Gray or Ashley Gray. They are in the Gray/Brown family with Ashley Gray being substantially darker.

BM Baltic Gray

BM Ashley Gray

What do you guys think? Will it be too dark for the room? Should I stick to something lighter like BM Nimbus?

Thanks for reading this far and I will take any suggestions you have for me.

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Annie Deighnaugh

I think with that granite, you can go more blue with your gray if you like...BM feather gray

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