My kids are saying 'hate'

Momma_Bird_OHJanuary 30, 2003

Hate is not a word we use in our house, ever. We consider it a swear word. Now that my 2 older boys are in school, I've noticed that they casually use "hate" a lot, such as "I hate this game" or "I hate chicken." We discuss it every time, but this is getting REALLY old. I know it's from being with so many other kids all day that don't consider hate a bad word.

Any suggestions? TIA!

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We went through the "hate" phase, when she was 3rd-4th grade.

DD is 13 now & we're dealing with "shut up" and "f**k you."

Whenever she says it, I say "We don't talk like that in this house. Please use another word." Then we go through a list of acceptable substitutes for the expletive deleted.

I feel like a broken record sometimes, but constant correction is the only way I've found to get rid of the behavior. Ignoring it didn't work for her.

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What if one of them said he or she hated evil?

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The F word in our house got more than a talk, and so we never heard it again. I never want to be in family conversations that sound like the Osbornes.

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The boys and I sat down this weekend and made a list of words we don't like. I let them come up with the words and was surprised at how complete they were - they themselves listed "hate, stupid, idiot, dunce, fool, God's name in vain, Jesus' name in vain, and all swear words" Now we have a posted list that I can refer them to if they say any of the words. It seems to be helping so far.

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I never liked the word "hate" either. My sons are in college now, but when they were smaller and the word "hate" would slip out, I would just say, "You mean you don't care for carrots (or whatever). I'm SURE they have said "hate" and all of the other words, but they do not say them in my presence.

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I told my kids to save the word "hate" for real evil, not cooked carrots.

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"Hate" is such a strong word for someone so little. My kids are 10, 7, and 4. I will let "hate" slip by if it is in reference to and object, (like carrots) but not another person. I tell them it is not right to hate any body. They can choose not to like that person, but it's not right to hate anyone.

As for shut-up, that is a bad word in our house. No one is allowed to say it. It is very rude. I have a friend who allows her children to tell each other to shut up all the time. They even tell her to shut up and it make my blood boil. I can't stand it!

F you would not fly here! I'm a grown woman and still to this day, do not say that word in front of my parents. And if I said it at 13 I wouldn't have grown up with any teeth in my mouth! There is no way my child would talk to me like that!

Parents, it is YOUR resposibility to teach your children right from wrong. Don't expect them to just know it for themselves. If you let things go then they will feel that it is okay for them to do it. You have to nip it in the bud when something unacceptable happens.

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I strongly agree w/Socks12345--hate has its place--small, but appropriate for certain circumstances.

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kids just use that word eventually itll get old and theyll move on & find a new word. but the more you make it seem to bother you the more theyll wanna use it even tho they sometimes dont know it so give it time..

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