Securing wires after old phone jack removal

amav31June 30, 2009

I had an old phone jack plate(not flush against the wall) in my kitchen that was removed in order to mount a wall cabinet.

But the plate was secured to the wall with wing-nuts and had phone wires(2 sets of red,black,blue,yellow)connected to it directly. My handyman who mounted the cabinet, cut the wires from the plate, stripped the wires to expose the copper inside,paired the colored wires to each other but instead of electric tape (which I did not have at home and he did not have in his tool box) he used a band aid to tape them but made sure the wires were not touching each other.He put them back in the hole in the wall. Mounted the cabinet.

But now I noticed my Verizon DSL has become slow and my vonage phone line which works off my DSL internet has a problem. The phone line is not clear with voice breaking up each time i make a call.

My handyman will be coming back to fix this. But apart from retaping the wires with electric tape instead of the band-aid, I cannot think of any other solutions.

What else needs to be done.? Any advise much appreciated.


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Christopher Nelson Wallcovering and Painting

Call a telephone repair guy( gal)?

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Those wires go back to the hub where the wire came into the house. Identify them and remove them from the connection to the incoming lines.

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Ron, probably can't do that, since there's another jack daisy-chained to this one. If the OP can abandon that other jack, whereever it is, that would be ideal - then you could just disconnect the wires at the demarc - but if it's still in use then you just need to have a good connection between those wires. Probably the easiest way to get a good connection is going to be to just hook a jack back up and put it inside the wall or cabinet..

Also, are you sure that it was just a wall plate? Did you by any chance also remove a DSL filter from the system somewhere?

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