Buried Sprinkler Heads

smb2003June 27, 2010


I wasn't sure where to post this since I didn't see a landscaping section..... I recently purchased a home. In the backyard there was a childrens play area that is covered in wood chips. I'd like to get rid of the wood chips and put in grass. The owner told me there are 2 sprinkler heads capped off in the area and I cannot find them!

Anyone know how I can go about locating the sprinklers? I was thinking a metal detector because I think there is a small piece of metal inside the sprinkler head but I have no clue where to get a metal detector. Anyone have any other ideas?

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Harbor Freight, Sears, Radio Shack come to mind.

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If they are "capped off", chances are that the heads will have been removed and unless the system was piped in metal, a metal detector will be of little use, for this application.
You may find caps when the ground cover has been removed, or using a little logic may direct you to a probable location.

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Do you want to make these heads functional or do you want to get rid of them?

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You are right!! They are capped off so there goes the metal detector idea.

I want the heads to be functional. I'm planning to rake out all the wood chips and seed it eventually. But I wanted to locate the sprinklers first.

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the lines should be pretty close to the surface. Have you started removing the wood chips yet? If not, I suspect you might find the sprinkler lines when you do.

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These pipe runs are generally straight in an open area. If you can find the heads before and after the buried units, you should be able to at least get a line to search. The heads are generally placed so you get head to head coverage. Measure 1/3 the distance between the heads and carefully dig down. If this doesn't work, dig a trench from the head you see until you get to the plugged riser. Add a head and trench along to the next one.
Sometimes it's not easy.

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