Gutter installation

nichboyJune 23, 2010

I recently had a new roof installed and i had the roofers tear off all my old guttering. I want to paint the fascia before installing the new guttering. My fascia has the 1x2 trim all around the hip roof, this causes a 3/4" gap between the gutter and the fascia board. Can i remove the 1x2 trim? This way the gutter will rest flat agianst the fascia. Not sure the purpose of the 1x2 trim. Thanks

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I have that, a 1x2 strip along the top of the fascia board just under the shingles. I had my rood replaced and also the soffit and fascia covered in aluminum. I asked the contractor about that strip. He said it was the drip edge, provides stability for shingles. Instead of removing it when I had fascia done they bent the aluminum to fit over it rather than replacing it with "standard" drip edge. He said the extra bend actually makes the aluminum more ridged/stable. That's what he told me anyway, hope that is right.

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