struggling with PSP

sugar_flDecember 11, 2011

I have learned & remembered enough to at least do basic stuff.

I'm using PSP on a Windows 7 computer & some of it doesn't work like it should.. PSP 9 seems to do the best but I like 7 :-(

I lost all my filters & extras. I don't even know how to put shadows on things anymore. It's rough getting old :-)

I'm sure I could find some again but not sure they would work (probably would on 9) Then again I don't even remember how to install them.

Right now I'm working on Xmas & now a memorial page for one of the residents we lost a couple days ago. My 1st memorial page but afraid it won't be the last. The family is going to give me somethings to scan.

If anyone can give me any ideas to help me please do.



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Hi Dar,
The type of work I do on PSP7 is simple where I don't use the filters and plugins like I think you are. Therefore I would not be of much help in that department.
I just use the 3D effects for things like the drop shadow and inner bevel when working with fonts.
I use the Tools listed on the left side of the screen a lot.
If you have a question on what you want, I may be able to help but then again may not.
Don't feel bad. I can't remember most of what I was able to do with psp and am happy I did print out some instructions to where I have to look up to see. That is if I can understand what I wrote down. "LOL"

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Come on over to:

One of us will be happy to answer your questions.

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