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fun2golfDecember 11, 2005

I am having a real problem with my PSP...everytime I try to use my selection tool to cut something or I try to copy and paste something, I get this message.

Script Output

Executing run script..(which I am not even using my script). then it says.

CException open clipboard failed..error occured with command copy...and it keeps repeating this..I am at a loss as to what is going on...

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


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1. Shut down your computer and restart...if that doesn't work go to #2

2. Open PSP > File > Workspace > Load....if this doesn't work try #3

3. File > Preferences > ReSet Preferences

If that doesn't take care of the problem, I will give you a web site where you can post the problem.....you may have to reinstall PSP.

Let us know...


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Thank you so much Joy, I will go and try and see what happens..Keep your fingers crossed..Will get back to you with results.
Thans again...Bev

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I rebooted my computer, which I was actually afraid to do because I was afraid I might not get it back on, as I have been having major problems with it. I thought what the heck..anyway..all is o.k. for now.solved the problem.
Thanks again.

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Bev, happy to hear, that.....you may never know what caused the problem or why it fixed its self...just, glad it worked.


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