Reroofing steep roof

mbaldwinJune 27, 2014

Just to start with, I have done several roofes, so for the most part I know what I am about.
The steepest roof I have done was a 8/12 with an intersecting garage that was done at 6/12.
Now I need to do a 12/12 pitch roof, which is steeper then I want to do with out using roof jackes.
The roof ridges look like a plus from the top, so I have lots of balley to do as well. My plan is to add the roof jackes and start tare off at the top, removing the roof jacks as I go down, then start at the bottom and work my way back up adding felt and shingles, and additional roof jacks as I work my way back up.
Normally I line my valleys with a single piece of ice and water shield, from the ridge to the eve, add two roes of ice and water shield along the eves and go the rest of the way up with 30 lb felt, and then install w valley pans.
A little confused on how I can manage this using roof jacks. using roof jackes when putting the felt and valley tin on would result in holes in the felt, I would think, I suppose I can patch them with a scrap piece of felt, but just interested in what procedure people use when using roof jacks. I'll be starting off my scaffolding, so I will have a pretty sturty place to start from.


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I always liked the steep ones, you didn't have to bend over so far to nail.

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lol, Trebruchet.......

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Glad to know my back won't hurt as much.

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Remember your harness and lines and have your cellphone on a lanyard so you don't drop it.

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Ha, if I had the cell phone up there, I'd nail it to the roof and leave it.

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