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hrh747December 30, 2009


I am in the market to shop for a computer to do CAD/CAM, photo shop and other graphic art works. Of course this is for my daughter, I am not very familiar with this aspects of the technology, would someone please point me toward the right direction. I am willing to pay top dollar. I need to know the upper range of the important parameters, for instance if processor speed on the graphic card is one of the key parameters then what is the top speed currently on the market, same for RAM, GAP, DAC and so on. What computer brand is more recommended for graphics and 3D?

Thanks in advance,


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Hi Joe,
I am so sorry that no one has replied to your post, but guess it is a busy time of year for everybody..
I really do not know exactly what specifics speeds. I just know that for graphics, you need as much speed and hard drive room as possible....
From my experience with people who work in the graphics field, it is the Mac over the PC every time....
Hopefully somebody else will come along who will know a lot more than I do about these things....
Thank you for posting on this forum!

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It really depends on your budget. Mac's are great computers and one of the computers I would suggest however some of the 3d programs might not be compatible with windows (ex 3ds Max) and will need to be used via Bootcamp on Mac.
You want a dedicated video card, preferably Nvidia Quattro but most of the Nvidia's will do. Try to stay away from Nvidia Optimus because there's some sort of compatibility problem it has with Cad.
You will want an i7 processor.
500 plus gb hard drive
A large good monitor

Other computer suggestions: Hp Elitebook (laptop), Hp Z series (workstation),

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