A door is out of alignment

coodyJune 8, 2010

A door is unable to close because the lower part is out of alignment after years of use. See the . It is impossible to drive the nails into new holes because the existing holes are too closer. Can you tell how to fix the problem? Thanks.

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It would help if a picture of the entire door is posted. It helps to look at the gaps around the entire door to see what may have happened to the door alignment.

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Try tightening the screws in the hinges, and if any will not pull tight replace them with longer screws.

You can always move screws by drilling the holes they are in larger, gluing dowels into the hole, then using a Vix bit to get new holes that match the hinge.

If this condition just started it is most likely loose hinge screws.

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You need to make the opening wider or the door smaller.

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Here are three pictures. , and . It gets worse in the raining weather. How to efficiently and effectively fix it?

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Check your hinge screws as stated by the Brick. If they are fine, scribe a line on the door where it is hitting the jamb. Remove the door and plane or sand down to the scribe line and re-hang. If satisfied, remove the door and prime/paint where the material is removed. While you are at it, if the top and bottom of the door hasn't been primered/painted, do that as well. After priming, re-coating the whole door couldn't hurt to help deal with the rain/humidity issues.

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I would put a level on the subject. See what is out of plum and remedy.

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Concentrate on the lower hinge, remove one of the screws on the outer edge of the hinge, and replace with a 2 1/2 in screw so it goes into the 2x4. That should draw the jam into the 2x4 which should free up the door. If that doesnÂt work then sand the door edge till it clears then prime and paint. As was stated earlier make sure all the edges are painted that will help with the swelling.

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I had similar problems with swelling, first, I agree with checking the hinges, secondly if the hinges are ok, sand or plane the portion of the door that jams up. If you don't want swelling issues, I opted for heavy duty Plastic doors.

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"...sand or plane the portion of the door that jams up..."

Be sure to remove a little more than you need since you have to have clearance for s couple layers of paint.

If you leave the wood raw and with a snug fir, the problem will be back very quickly.

If you go for about 1/32 inch of clearance you can put on a coat of primer and two coats of paint to slow the moisture down and prevent any liquid from quickly soaking in.

If the door has not swollen as large as it will get you will need to repeat the sizing and painting again;.

You could leave it raw for a little while to encourage it to swell before final sizing and painting.

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