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fun2golfDecember 4, 2005

Hello all..No, I haven't gotten my new computer yet. I am hoping this one will hang in there a bit longer..Keep fingers crossed..My question is? Got an e-mail about re-newing my membership on here, but can't find where to do it. Is anyone else having the same problem?


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I'm not positive but I don't think you have to pay any more. Check on the computer help forum and there were a coupel of discussions about it.

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Hi Bev-
My membership was also due (in Nov) and before I had to figure out how to pay it, they made all the forums free. Now - is that not the luckiest thing? I don't know how long they will leave these forums free, but it's a wonderful thing. Note - the home page for the forums is also laid out differently, but all the forums are there. Changes, always changes......but for the time being - this is a good one. I have a feeling things will change again, and they'll probably want more than the old $15.00, but we might as well enjoy it while we can.


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Thank you both for the info..I wonder why they send you an e-mail telling you to re-new and there is no place to go.Kind of strange...but, that's great if for now it is free. Guess we will find out eventually.
Thanks again.

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They went 'free" two days after I renewed....LOL..

(BTW, I'm finally learning PSP and AS thank to Mallory at the Kitchen Table)

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That is lovely Elly,
You have a great tutor over there.
To bad she didn't start that up on this forum as we need her here.

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