jamb width 84' interior door?

shoutsDecember 28, 2009

I went to HD tonight to price out our interior doors (pre-hung). When the salesperson clicked through the options the stand jamb width was 6 and 9/16! We have 2x metal studs with 5/8" drywall, so I don't know how I could make this fit.

The "true" standard (2x + 1 inch for drywall) is a $50 (about a 40 percent) upcharge. Very unappealing. Why is 6 9/16 the standard width?

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I don't know where he's getting the measurements.
If you go to the HD site, you'll see the jambs for all their interior doors are a little over 4 1/2".
Maybe he was looking at exterior doors for 2x6 stud walls??

Ask for another salesperson or......visit your local retail door store. I usually get better selections and prices there.

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Standard width is determined by the width of a 2x4(3&1/2") plus two sheets of 1/2" sheetrock for a nominal 4&1/2" width.

The biggest complaint about service from HD/Lowe's/etc. is that the clerks have very little knowlege/training in many cases.

I am(now retired) a builder/contractor and have often found this to be true. There are usually some people in the store that can offer real info/assistance. You just have to find them.

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"standard" jamb width for a 2x4 wall is 4-9/16".
"standard" jamb width for a 2x6 wall is 6-9/16"

With 5/8" wallboard each side of your 2x jamb, (assuming your metal jamb width is 3-1/2"), leaves you with a width of 3-3/4". You could still use a standard 4-9/16" jamb and fur one side of it out with 1/4" screen mould so that you will have an even plane to fasten your door casing. The screen mould will give you a 4-13/16" width.

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"leaves you with a width of 3-3/4"."

Correction, meant to say 4-3/4"

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