Anyone here know how to get last of ink out of

shaddy101December 3, 2008

color cartridge? I am wanting to complete a printing job. Have completely run out of black ink, haven't changed that yet, due to wanting to use up the color ink before I go back to the printing job, which I would like neat and tidy.

I am positive there is some way I could switch over to using up the color ink for some little print jobs that I also have to do, and doesn't matter what they look like.

I have an HP F4180 series scanner/printer/copier, and wondering if someone could assist me in finding the solution? Thanks so much.

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Is it that your printer will not print because your black cartridge is empty?

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Urlee, my printer prints fine, I just want to use up the last of the ink in the color cartridge so I can replace them both, color/bl at same time due to a printing job I am working on, don't want the black to be dark and the colors faded, as they are seeming to be lighter, and would like the whole print job to be about the same quality if possible.
Taking the last of the color ink and using it shouldn't be a problem, I can use it for any odds and ends jobs, just would like to know how to get most of it out before I go ahead and replace both IF possible. Is there such a short cut/hint out there from someone?

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I am unfamiliar with your ink/printer etc. but why don't you replace both cartridges to get the "pure" color to finish your project.
Then when your black gets low, (If it gets low before the colored) exchange your fuller color one with the faded color one you took out so the black and those match?
Make sense?

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