pic on computer edited to poster size

ellie45December 12, 2011

I was sent a picture that I would like to make into a 2' x5'

say poster. So much bigger. The owner does not have the original

Where do I take it to get this done?

Forgive me if this has been addressed - I thought I saw this posted somewhere and can not find it.

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Any print shop in your area, BUT remember the rule-------You can make a big graphic smaller but NOT a small graphic larger without losing quality. Nowadays, with new technology, maybe the print shops can get around it pretty good.

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Urlee, thank you for answering. You are always kind. I don't' understand the term print shop. I will look it up but is it a camera shop that does this kind of work perhaps along with transdferring vhs to dvd. Not a drugstore.

I expect I will lose quality so a consultation is in order.

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Ellie, It is a shop that prints (makes) invitations, business cards, and prints out stuff like church bulletins etc.
Look in the yellow pages of your phone book. Mine was listed under printers and advertised -Business forms, Stationary, Wedding, High Speed Copying, & much more. It is privately owned.
Your local newspaper may even print it out for you.
Our town shop enlarged a photo for me poster size and it did come out pretty darn good. Better than I thought would.

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OK urlee, Now is understand. I live the in the Washington, DC - Virginia area and surely will find someone.

Glad yours came out so well. That gives me hope.
Thanks for your kindness.

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