warped floor joists

bluebirdskyJune 30, 2006

Has anyone any experience with warped floor joists? We are thinking about replacing wall to wall carpet with hard wood or laminate flooring, but the floor rises up in the middle of the room. My husband has checked the problem carefully, and it seems that the builders installed two warped floor joists...this is not a case of the sub floor shrinking or of wet, sagging wood, as the sub floor is flush with the joists. Any suggestions on how to repair such a problem?


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It sounds as if the problem is crowning instead of warping
and a reputable flooring installer will tell you of any

However, correcting to a reasonably flat surface will require cutting the joists and sistering, from underneath, from support to support.

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I had a similar situation. My floor had a crown in it that centered close to a pier. The solution was jack the joist so that the weight was relieved off the pier. We then removed one row brick from the pier and placed a treated piece of wood on the top of the pier. The thickness of the wood will depend on the severity of the crown. The floor joist was then lowered and with time eventually rested on pier.


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i have a crown about 5 feet long on a 14 foot joist.The problem is the basement is finished. It has a wall running right next to it parallel another wall across under it and the main heating and cold air ducts running across under the joist thats crowned. Would there be any other way to repair the joist without taking the wall and air ducts down

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