Ice Princess

kyryDecember 2, 2006

This one looked interesting, but I was unable to download the supplies and couldn't find the brushes he talked about. The text was also a little tricky and still didn't come out right. Would love for someone else to give it a try and see if they can figure it out.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ice Princess

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I think you did a fantastic job considering what you had to work with. I tried and failed around the snow layers. I had some snow flakes in my files and applied them, I didn't have the snow capped font. Again I will say. Fantastic job.

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Strange, all I could download on this one was the cloud background.I just improvised.My effort

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Thank you Charlene.
Hazel you did a great job improvising. I don't know how they got the text to look the way it did as if it were outlined in snow. That(cloud background) was the only thing I was able to download also.

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I am so out of practice!! I used her picture and was able to download the other things but I sure kept screwing up on the snowflakes!! haha
But at least I did it!

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Great job Judy! You must have the magic touch, I have tried numerous times and get a Forbidden page when I try to download any supplies, the only one that I could get was the cloud background.

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It took me a few tries too. I couldn't get into the page where the other pictures were.


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