I found a good deal

adellabedella_usaJune 3, 2003

(at least for me) on another web site. Kraft is having a special promotion where you can get a box of Kraft products ($30 value) if you pay $4.99 for shipping. You must order by credit card.


The site shows which products are supposed to be in the box. Some of this stuff is junk food and there are things that I don't usually buy, but it looks like a good way for me to try some different foods for my kids without a big investment. I know this doesn't fit into the money saving plans for some of you, but it may be worth a shot for others.

Also, I think it's only good in the US.

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Shoot! I just checked, and it looks like they've suspended the offer--

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Looked at that offer and they only had things we don't eat. If you checked out www.spoofee.com, you will find the bargains daily, including the freebie ones. Still laugh at the expression of the post office clerk when I picked up my "free" roll of paper towels. Now wouldn't you think the company could have just sent a coupon .

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Hi BetsieLT,

Golly - you're from a long way away - if you live in Lithuania.

Thanks for your Spoofee address - I think that I just signed up for a year free of Kiplinger Magazine.

Which I first read and found interesting at Mother-in-law's place [40 years ago].

For a good deal in the humour category - visit www.adbusters.com (or maybe ending in .ca).

They were the ones that put out the picture that looked a lot like the Marlboro man, with the big cowboy hat.

And a cigarette that drooped.

Cutline, "Smoking can cause impotence".

Have a joyful week, all.

joyful guy

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Hi again all,

Message from red-faced Ed:

www.adbusters.org .

Enjoy your health, life and measure of prosperity,

joyful guy

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