My last 6 months!

reduc500December 7, 2005

I thought I would share with you what I have been working on for the last 6 months. They are for our granddaughters for Christmas. I don't know how to do anything fancy but at least they are warm! haha


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Oh my goodness Judy,
You have been busy! Pretty colors. (my favorites)
Very nicely done and such wonderful gifts.
They will love them.
Thanks for sharing.

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Ooh they are beautiful! They look so cozy too! :)

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Hi Judy

I love your handiwork. They are beautiful. I hope your Grandaughters treasure them and keep them for many years to come.

I've been lurking here for quite awhile. I'm getting up the courage to learn to do what all you fine folk seem so good at doing.....great tags, graphics etc.

Keep up the good work folks, I peek in almost daily to see your newest works, and I'm always impressed.


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Hi Wendy,
"Jump in" and take the plunge!
Do you have PSP?
We will all help you get started and going.
Just post your questions and don't feel embarrassed as no one could have been any worse than I. Things didn't start "soaking in" 'til lately. "lol"
I am a slow learner and when I do, I forget a few days later how I did it.


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Welcome Wendy :)

Aww Judy that is so sweet of you to consider me one of your grand daughters - I'll be looking for my parcel in the post. LOL
HUGS. Great work - the girls will love them
Sue :)

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Thanks for the welcome :-)

I have PSP ver 9 Urlee. I know alot of you are still using ver. 7 due to it being more uncomplicated and also your familiarity with the program. I do have a trial version of ver 7 and I've thought about installing that.

I also saved the links to some of those tuts that you've all been doing. I'll print the instructions and give one of them a go.

I'm a total newbie :-)

Any suggestions on which version I should start on?


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Judy, Those are very pretty. I love the colors. Your grandkids will love them.

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Welcome Wendy.
I have version 7 & 8 so don't know much about 9. If the tutorials are compatable with your version I'd stick with that - the tools might be in different places but hopefully you'll find everything.

Just jump right in and start playing.
Sue - who has had PSP for years and is still a total newbie! LOL

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I am with Sue, Wendy (in every way "lol")
If you have version 9, go with that.
I have good old faithful 7, but find myself using 8 because of some fabulous tools 7 doesn't have and am not familiar totally but enough to help you out if I can.
The best way is for you to pick a tutorial to do, letting us know what it is and when you come to a spot that confuses you, let us know and we will walk you through or try and figure it out with you. OK?
Believe me, I don't understand why I am doing some of the things the tutorial calls for but if the end result turns out, Amen!
There will be others on here that I am sure will jump in and help us too.
Believe me, your completion of a tute gives you such a proud feeling, you will love it.

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Wendy- welcome to our merry little group. I can guarantee you will have lots of fun here especially if you don't mind getting picked on by a certain few (and you know who you are Sue & Urlee! haha)
I mainly use #7 but do try things on #8 when the urge hits. Old habits are hard to break but the newer versions definitely have some neat features. Whatever you use don't be afraid to post them.

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