stucco-like wood paneling

aspen0December 11, 2008

I want to put an english style pub in my basement. I'm going to go with a beam and stucco look for the walls. You know what I mean? Tudor.

Anyways, the exterior of our house is the same style, with stucco hardboard panels.

Now, I could drywall the basement after framing, and then put a texture on the drywall, but I figure, why not just buy a panel and I'm good to go. My nail gun skills are far more developed than my drywalling fancy texture skills.

so, my question is, has anyone ever seen wood paneling (talking big 4x8 sheets) with a stucco texture for interior use?

I ask because I know I can probably just buy exterior panels and install them on the interior, but figured a panel made for interior use only would be cheaper.


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I doubt that applying wood trim over a pre-textured panel will look like anything other that what it is: a poor simulation of half timbering. To be visually effective the plaster finish must contact the wood so it looks like an infill between posts/beams.

I believe the interior finish you are trying to simulate is more likely to be a smooth plaster.

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Thanks, but this is my basement, that people can tell my cinderblock basement is not really beam and stucco isn't such a big deal. I just want something easy to put up that creates little mess during install because the basement has to remain functionally usable during the entire install.

I may just use flat interior wood paneling instead of the thicker (and variable thickness) exterior hardboard siding. It's cheap, easy, looks good enough for what I want.

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You might consider 3/8" t-1-11 plywood with no grooves. Its an exterior grade plywood but you could do some creative trim work in the feild and the perimeters to give a rustic look to go with the beam work. The ply has a rough sawn facing that looks good with various finishes such as solid or transperent stains, wood species stains, painted, or even finished as is.

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I wouldn't use these to side my house, but for your architectural indoor look:

Most are 4x8 or 4x10 sheets. I'd screw them to the studs like drywall and put some construction adhesive on too. Then just mix a small batch of stucco mortar to cover the screw heads. Where the beams meet, use a grout bag to fill the gap to the beam and smooth with a trowel. Similar to caulking trim. Then paint the whole panel.

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