Cold Floors

nwroseladyJune 17, 2010

I live in Olympia, WA (zone 8), so our winters rarely get below 20 deg F. My house was built in 1980. It is two stories with a crawl space underneath. About three years ago I had the original ratty old carpeting removed and replaced with laminate wood flooring. Now the first story floors are quite cold, especially in the winter. I had someone come out to assess the crawl space, thinking I needed more insulation under the floor. The contractor thought the insulation was adequate and to code. (Imagine the honesty of the man, he could easily have charged me a bundle to rip out what I had and replace it!)

I don't want to cover my new flooring with new carpet, but I want warmer feet. I watch Mike Holmes' show on HGTV, and he often uses a combination of spray insulation plus batting when insulating between the garage ceiling and the second floor. He's in Toronto where it gets a lot colder than it does here. Anyone got any ideas?

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Is the crawl space ventilated? What insulation is there now? What is the heating system?

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With lack of more info:

1. remove the insulation in the crawlspace, insulate the perimeter walls and band joists, vapor barrier on floor to create a "conditioned" crawlspace, and heat it.

2. pull up floors and install hydro radiant heat
3. pull up floor and isntall elelctric radiant
3. pull crawlspace insulation, install staple up radiant heat and reinsulate.

All will cost you, but 1 is best bet.

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