Very light wood floors? Issue with black lines?

madteaparty33December 27, 2012

I love that Scandinavian look of very light wood floors, but concerned dark lines will appear in between wood planks. I saw some floors installed at Lumber Liquidators tonight and almost all the light floors had that. Is there a way to avoid? It would ruin the look for me and I'd go with a darker wood if it can't be helped. I am a novice. Thanks.

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Install unfinished flooring(maple/etc.) and finish with water based finish.

The water based finish does not add any toning or color.

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Also you could make people take their shoes off when they come in. I know i have some cute black shoes that always make a mark on floors. It's easy to remove (just rub it away) but it would be avoided if I didnt wear my shoes on the floor.

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Bridget Helm

i have light floors and don't see a black line. mine are beech wood

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Do you mean the seams between the pieces of wood?

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We have bamboo flooring with black lines throughout.

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