Did I make a mistake getting 1/2' drywall for patch?

brendainnjJune 24, 2010

I've never done this before, but I got tired of waiting for DH to fix a wall in LR wall that had been previously "patched" in 1976! (we just inherited the house 2 yrs ago). So I watched a couple drywall videos on youtube & cut out my hole stud to stud. The piece I took out measured 1/2" (I was so positive) but when I measured the existing wallboard around the hole, it's definitely 5/8". Unfortunately, I had already purchased the 1/2" sheet. I thought it would be better to be a little recessed rather than bulging out, figured I could cover it with mud. BUT, my DH says the extra 1/8" will be too thick to cover w/mud and I should go back & get the 5/8" sheet instead. I should mention that the finished result will not be painted; instead it's kind of a faux finish wallpaper so it doesn't have to be perfectly seamless. So how difficult will this be, and would it make a difference if we were painting? This same sheet will be used for other repairs around windows which will need more careful finishing.

Thanks everyone; I LOVE this board!

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Use shims on the studs, or keep applying coats of drywall compound (it shrinks a lot so it take a lot of coats), or use Durabond 90, etc.

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Just cover it with mud.

It will only take a couple extra coats, less if you use a setting compound with minimum water to limit shrinkage.

Easysand works well, and is more forgiving than Durabond.

Durabond is VERY hard to sand.

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I've used 1/2" sheetrock in a 5/8" wall in a pinch and it's worked out just fine. Just make sure you cover the edges of the patch with drywall tape....

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no..it'll just take more work to get it right..
personally I like using the 20minute power sheetrock mud for small repairs..

it might take 6 coats instead of 3 to get it right..but so..once its smooth..no one will know


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A single layer of Easysand mixed about as thick as peanut butter (smooth if you please) will fill in the difference without any discoverable shrinkage.

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