Attic Storage Help! Clueless...have photos

sonepiJune 4, 2010

Okay. What I want seems really simple to me, but thought I would run it by the knowledgeable people on this site. I have a walk-in attic space on my second floor. It already has a small platform area for storing a few things like luggage and out-of-season shoes and clothes. I want to basically put down plywood or something to extend the flooring for additional storage. It is under an angled roof, but I don't need a walk-in kind of area, just the floor installed to put in a floor to hold boxes and luggage.

How would it be best to go about it? I think the wood pieces under the insulation only go one direction. I was thinking of kind of laying my body on the already layed plywood area, then toenailing? some 2 x 4 pieces crosswise staggered between the parallel wood and then screwing the wood (plywood or whatever is suggested) into those cross pieces to hold the boards. Does this sound doable or am I biting off more than I can chew? I am comfortable with drills and the like. I know I will have to cut some of the plywood because it comes in 4x8 sheets. I think I can do it, hubbie says don't try, hire someone. I still need to know proper procedure and I promised him I would wait until he was home before I attempted it so he would be there to call 911 if I fell through the ceiling in a lower room. ;-) Just kiddin'...I plan on being careful.

Should I be concerned about enclosing the insulation under the plywood pieces? Should I leave some gaps for the wood to "breathe"? It gets pretty hot up there in the summer. In the pictures you can see the very small platform that has the plastic container on the current flooring. I just want to extend it out to cover most of the area. Thanks for any assistance.

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see same post in REMODELING

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You can enclose the insulation. Just do not compress it or put any type of vapor barrier over the top. (Vapor barrier should be on heated side of insulation) Also, make sure you have enough insulation before enclosing - if not enough then toenail on some 2x4's or 2x6's to give you more space for insulation. Then fasten your floor over the top.

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I am not a pro, but I have read and seen enough to know that some attics are not structurally safe for storage (not designed to hold the weight).

This is simply a warning. Perhaps someone with more experience can chime in with how to determine if your attic is safe.

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