Has anyone used Cambria Windermere?

southernmumApril 4, 2013

I'm doing creamy white cabinets and a walnut island. I like the look of Windermere for the countertops. I'd love to see your kitchen if you've used Windermere -- it's so hard to really tell by the 12 x 12 square sample. Thanks!

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Holly- Kay

I'm using a granite but the Cambria is beautiful. Have you maybe done a google search of pics using Cambria Windermere? That would probably be a good place to start. Also your counter fabricator may have some pics of installs that were completed by them using that particular material. Good luck with your search!

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Using a Google search with "gardenweb Cambria Windermere", there are several links returned.

The link below is to DreamItCanBe's reveal that has a couple photos.


Here is a link that might be useful: DreamItCanBe's reno

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thanks for the link, tmy. I've googled it, but in some photos it looks more tan than I want for my white cabinets. Just hoping someone here from GW might have used it so I could see their kitchen.

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My neighbor used Windemere in her kitchen with stained cabinetry and it looks great but i don't have a picture of it. I did find a couple picture on google images for you. Sorry if I am breaking any rules by posting them and not crediting anyone.

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We used Cambria Windermere in our kitchen remodel last year, and we absolutely love it. Since taking these pictures, we've added a beveled subway tile backsplash. You will love the Windermere.

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Southernmum- just posted on your radon post too- what did you go with? Do you have pictures? Our cabinets are dark but we are wondering about the cambria windmere too.

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Hey - just saw this post. Miruca, I used Windermere. Can't wait until it's installed!

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