Adobe or Corel??

mst___December 14, 2010

I'm getting a new computer for Christmas and would like to get some new photo editing software. I curently have PSP 8. I'm debating between Adobe Photoshop Elements 9 or Corel Paint Shop Pro x3 Ultimate. What's your opinion?
Way back I use to come to this site to get advice on PSP 7 and 8. There does'nt seem to be much of that anymore. What happened to everyone? I reconize urlee but her post is back in Jan 2009.

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Hi mst,
I know it is after Christmas, but here is my two cents worth.
My suggestion is that you stick with PSP...I use version 10, but that is up to you (I do not know what PSP X3 Ultimate is, but it sounds good)...the learning curves on each are steep , but it looks like you know something about PSP.
I don't know what happened to this forum either - got great advice here in the past, and Urlee was one of the ones who always helped me....well, these things come and go....

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