Fixing hairline crack on a concrete patio

paulsiuMay 12, 2009


At my mom's house, there's a hairline crack that runs down the entire length of the concrete patio. the patio is old and hasn't been repair or updated since 79, so a crack or two isn't out of line.

Still, how does one fix this. I notice sealant products that are suppose to fill cracks, but are they difficult to use?

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It depends whether it's an active could repair it only to have it reappear in future months as it settles some more. If it's not active land it's really a hairline you could just mix some mortar to a fairly thin consistency and and use a trowel to force it into the crack. You should be aware that the new material will typically show up as lighter and make the crack more noticeable. You could also go to a mason's supply store and get something like one of the Ardex Engineered Cement products specifically for such repairs. You might want to look at the Ardex site as it has a lot of info on its products and how to use them for repairs.

Here is a link that might be useful: Ardex

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You can't fix it. Anything you put in it will only eventually come out and probably make the crack look worse.

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After some reading, it probably can't be fixed so that it looks like it never happened. However, I would like to fill the crack so that water doesn't get in and make it even bigger. I found a link on how to repair it and then use sand to hide the crack. It won't hide it entirely, but at least it won't be as noticable.

Here is a link that might be useful: Fixing and hiding hairline crack in concrete

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