Howdy, Howdy!!

flutteringbyDecember 14, 2005

Howdy, Howdy All,

Figured I've been lurking & learning here long enough & should introduce myself....

I am FlutteringBy & absolutely LOVE Psp!!!.....I have version 8 & am totally amazed at what Psp can produce....I know I've barely scratched the surface but I've thoroughly enjoyed the ride so far....

Looking forward to viewing everyone's results....

Image link:

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Think I'd better try this'm off to a great start!!

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Welcome Flutterby
That's a real pretty tag that you made.
Glad you have come out of hiding
Sue :)

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Very pretty tag Flutterby,
Welcome to our little group. We are always happy to have someone join us.

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Welcome FlutteringBy,

Isn't PSP great?
I've had it for quite awhile and still only "scratched the surface".
There is a lot it does that I don't know about but am having fun with what I do know.
Pretty tag you made.

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Welcome Flutterfly. You'll love this site. I've learned so much from the others here.

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Thank you all for the warm sure is great to see all the support that is given to anyone who is experiencing difficulties with a project....

Way to go Psp'ers!!!!.....* G *....


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