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lime_cokeNovember 26, 2005

Wow, I feel like a baby learning to walk after looking at everyone's work here.

I have been trying to make a background where a photo becomes a part of the picture. Okay, for instance, there is a landscape and a face in the sky. The face is from a photo and is the same colors as the sky.

How can I do that? All help and advise would be so appreciated.

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here's a link to a tutorial that I hope will help
Have fun and welcome
Sue :)

Here is a link that might be useful: blending images

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You have made this process seem so simple. I must tell you that the book I got with my program is almost no help at all.

Thanks for the link to the tutorial. I am going to have sooooo much fun with this.

Thank you Thank you Thank you. And, thanks for the welcome, too.

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Welcome Lime_Coke. I've been busy all weekend but glad to see someone new at our table.

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