Raising Floor - what to do?

splaisDecember 22, 2012

A friend has a small house that is elevated about 3' from grade. It has a carport on the end and area about 8x8 at the front has been turned into a washroom. The water heater is also there. To access the room you walk down three steps from the dinning room. This room is built on a slab. The main house roof extends over this room so the ceiling is something like 11 feet high. We are trying to think of the least expensive way to raise the floor up to be level with the main house. I know we could go all the way and joist out a floor extension from the main house. But I am thinking it might be easier (and cheaper) to relocate wiring and plumbing and then build a floating deck floor inside the room, repanel the walls and should like nice. Would anyone in construction please comment on this deck option. Thanks

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Um, a deck has posts and joists, so you are talking about doing the same exact thing. As far as "floating" it, no way. That's not really structurally sound for a floor system unless it has plenty of room to move about.

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I'm not sure it's wise to raise the water heater to the level of the rest of the home. If it every leaks, you don't want it flooding the floors (ask me how I know x2).

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