grass-fed meet for cheaper?

natalija_gardenerJune 22, 2012


We recently became more health-conscious about what meet we eat, and switched to organic, BUT it is not cheap. Especcially concidering meats like - grass-fed beef.

We buy organic ground beef in costco, BUT, IT IS NOT grass-fed beef.

We live in WA state. Any ideas where we can get it cheaper.

Thanks in advance@

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We get ours from a local farm/butcher. Perhaps you can too...

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Here is a list from Weston A. Price for Washington - scroll down until you find your state and local. Although it's mainly for raw milk, there will also be folks listed who have grass-fed or grass-finished beef. We purchase ours from a friend.


Here is a link that might be useful: Weston A. Price - Where can I find real milk.

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In the light of the recently-developed emphasis on "organic" in the big stores ...

... it seems to me that "organic" = "expensive".

And I agree that grass-fed beef should be cheaper to raise to market weight.

But ... in the normal corporate product pipeline, the price that the farmer receives bears little resemblance to the final price ...

... which is mostly "WTTWB" (Whatever The Traffic Will Bear).

Check with local small abattoirs, though sometimes you'll find that there is little price reduction, but the operator usually knows the lineage of his animal supply.

ole joyful

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I mostly shop at Trader Joe's. I know there are some in Washington as my uncle lives up there. Here, they have at least grass fed ground beef as well as jerky, You get a pound of grass fed beef for $4-something so it's not terrible. I would check if you have other health-conscious stores nearby as they can be even cheaper. Also, knowing Washington, you guys have a lot more accessible organic farms than here in California so I would look them up and see if they sell direct, as this is usually the cheapest option. Another option, that saves money if you buy in bulk, but not otherwise is

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I buy grass fed beef at our Farmers Market. I also can order it from our organic co op. I usually stock up, so I don't have to go that often.

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Around these parts (New Jersey) grass fed beef is going for high prices. Alot of the fancy restaurants in Atlantic City and Philadelphia buy it up at a premium so you know the rest of that story. I have the land and wanna raise my own but the wifey sez no way! Still may go for it.

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Thank you everybody!
We got a quarter of a cow from the local grass-fed ONLY cows farmer for 2.00 hanging weight. the meat is lean AND SUPERB!
Never going back to store-bought grain-fed again.
It is a night and day difference;)

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I was raised on a farm and purchased from a neighbor. He fed corn supplimenting grass in good years. Grass only in bad ones. The difference in the meat was mostly texture. The corn supplimented ones had firmer whiter fat than the grass only ones which had yellower softer fat.

I don't remember much of the taste but chew factor for me was in the corn supplimented ones.

I keep wondering when some of the old livestock diseases will come back. Many want animals with no shots at all.

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Brad Edwards

Unfortunately our Govt has killed all the small butchering practices in this country. Dear lord if somebody raised geese, chickens, rabbits, or something fuzzy and cute to be brutally and inhumanely butchered.

Cheapest way to get meat I think is to get it yourself. Hunt and fish and freeze. I have never been to Washington but I imagine trout streams and fish like cod and halibut would be there, along the gulf coast we catch quotas frequently and freeze, everybody has a deep freezer. It definitely offsets the price of a good stake, briscut, or rack.

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