Paint Shop Pro XI

amy_z6_swpaNovember 14, 2006

I downloaded the trial version of Paint Shop Pro XI the other night. The look is updated, and supposedly there are new photo editing tools but I've only used it for graphics-making so far. Here are my main problems with it right off the bat:

PNG optimizer---no matter what settings I use, it does NOT keep my background transparent! Very aggravating!

.pspimage file format---although it has the same name as PSP8.1 files, they are NOT compatible with PSP8.1 (when copying/pasting, or trying to open a PSPXI file in PSP8.1) or with Animation Shop 3! I cannot even get Animation Shop to open any file I create in PSPXI. So far I am not impressed with XI. It is also slower than my 8.1. Anyone else?

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Nothing can compare with the original JASC made PSP's.

Coral has their own system which I think is a whole new ballgame.
I know their help support stinks cause I just got the run around with them on a problem that got solved right off the bat from JOY, here on this forum when I posted my problem just ONCE!
I had been emailing Coral several times about it which they could not tell me how to correct it.

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I also had downloaded the newest version, saw nothing that outstanding or different about it to warrant keeping it. I uninstalled it after a few days.

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problem #3: when drawing bezier curves as vectors in PSP8.1, the arrowheads remained visible so you could re-shape the curves after you create your starting & ending points. In PSPXI, the arrowheads disappear and you cannot reshape the curve without undoing the whole curve & starting over. I've looked at all the settings & don't see how to fix this. This is another major malfunction!

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I wish I'd have tried the trial version before wasting money on the full-blown version. What a waste of money.

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HI follks,
I am using version X and 8...and Corel sure is different!
Urlee, I was about to note that you cents were wheat shaft cents - worth a little more than a regular cent, but then I noticed that mine are too. I think they cam from PSP7:

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Hi Elly,
I made mine from scratch.
Took a picture of them and played with it in PSP.
Supposed to be silver in color.


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