Fence Post Twisted

dan_2007May 5, 2009

Hi, I put fence posts in a few months ago and now that I have time to finish it one of the posts have twisted. I am installing a horizontal 2x4 along the top and screw that into the top of the 4x4s to cap the fence. I will then butt a vertical 2x4 against that to form a T at the top. If I tack a 2x4 onto the post and bend it into place and then have someone screw it in place through the top 2x4, will this work? Any one experience this and have another remedy for it?

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Replace the post. I doubt you will have any lasting success at untwisting it.

Reason is that the post twisted because it was not evenly dried and because of internal stresses in the wood. You cannot usually reverse that.

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