JPEG Photo Scan File Sizes?

toecutterNovember 11, 2007

Hello everybody,

I've recently purchased a Canon LIDE 600F scanner, and have been experimenting with scanning standard 6x4 inch photos.

I'm using it's "Multi Scan" and auto-crop feature, which is great in that you can place 4 photos at a time on the machine, and the software recognises, crops, separates the files automatically and assigns unique filenames.

I have chosen the maximum 600dpi resolution (these are precious archives) and am saving as JPEG (normal compression).

My query is that the files (each photo) are all less than 1mb in size, and I think this surely cannot be correct. The average size is actually about 650KB.

Can anyone tell me if this seems correct? I have googled extensively on this, and while there's differing information all over the place, I believe the file sizes should be about the 5-7MB range.

Does anyone have any experience with this?

I have four days now in which I can return the unit if something is askew with it.

Regards, Matt.

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Matt, don't save them with JPEG compression. JPEG (jpg) is a lossy compression scheme which throws out information in order to shrink file size.

Any editing or archiving of photo's should be in either Bitmap (BMP) or Tiff format. If you use Photoshop, PSD. These are lossless.

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