cost? total replacement of roof - rafters to shingles

dinkledoodleMay 18, 2009

I know that this is a wide and broad question... but humor me.... worst case scenario to replace an entire roofing system.... rafters to shingles... We have what has been described as the worst case of powder post beetles the inspector has ever seen. They are in the rafters. He has suggested getting a structural engineer ot to do a repair plan. but the most simple fix is to rebuild the roof from the rafters up. We have 1500 sq ft, live in Florida and have asphalt shingles.

I too would like a ball-park estimate before I start dealing with contractors if anyone can help. Thanks in advance.


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This requires an onsite inspection. Internet numbers are useless.
Call a few local contractors for real world estimates.

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1) How do you plan to prevent RE-infestation of beetles?

2) If you have FL-type CBS construction, w/ poured headers, embedded hurricane straps, etc., AND you're getting some/all paid by insurance, might want to check out a NON-wooden roof system, e.g. tilted concrete pre-cast slabs as used on commercial bldgs., or SHOTCRETE over rebar frame, or steel rafters w/ sheet metal sheathing, or... ;')

Always puzzled me why the super-sturdy CBS shells in my part of FL are topped with vulnerable wooden trusses and wooden sheathing... inertia and ignorance I reckon... and saving a nickel.

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