please help crack in garage floor

kimgillMay 3, 2010

I am getting really close, like next week, of contacting a realitor to put my house on the market. Today, i was cleaning out the garage and see a 1/4 inch crack right up the center of my garage leading straight into the middle of my house which is my laundry room, We have had tons of rain in Mississippi this year and I noticed 2 tiles in my laundry room busted so I had them replaced last week and cant say I remember there being a crack under the tiles.

What am i to do with the crack should I try to seal it or just leave it as it. My house is 25 years old.

Should I try to put a coat of something on the garage floor..

Please help

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You can't do anything. Attempting to patch it will make it worse.

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no to mention that applying a quick fix now might appear to prospective buyers like you're trying to hide something.

If anything you might just get some hydraulic cement and fill the crack while leaving it plainly visible. Cracks in concrete floors are not unusual and as long as you don't have other issues like water ingress or obvious settlement of the structure, then it doesn't sound like a big deal.

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My experience with concrete cracks is that filling them makes them look worse. The stuff falls out and the crack is even bigger when it does.

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Hire an independent home inspector. Have him inspect the entire house. That gives you a list of the real problems so you can fix them---and a referrence for prospective buyers. That shos you are doing a better than average job in preparing the house for sale. And in the current market, any extra effort stands out like a neon sign.

Do NOT ask a realtor/agent for a referrence for the home inspector! Inspectors whon work for realtors are experienced in 'missing' things that would sour a sale.

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