2 GB Kingston memory card

Elaine_CanadaNovember 22, 2007

I have an HP Win XP laptop with a card reader in the side for my camera card. All of a sudden the computer does not recognize this card????

I can't get my pictures off it unless the computer recognizes the card - I don't know where to look to see what the problem might be.


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Do you have another (different) card to try to see if that one works?


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Sorry to be so long getting back to you - but yes I have the original card that came with the camera..... 16 mb and it works. Also a 512 mb that is at home.... bought the 2Gb card just before coming down south. From what I've been reading I'm starting to believe this 3 yr. old laptop just doesn't read the new 2 Gb cards that were not available 3 yrs. ago. Someone suggested trying a $10 card reader - I might do that. Haven't decided what to try next.


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My cards have a small sliding lock on one side. Could that be the problem?

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I saw that little sliding lock and tried it both ways, but it still won't recognize it. Guess I'll just get a new card reader and see if that works.


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In case anybody is interested in this - the solution was to buy a $15 card reader at Staples (looks just like a flash drive or memory stick, except you put the camera card in the side of it). "Someone" was right when they said my laptop card reader at 4 yrs. old was just too old to read that size memory card. Guess a 2GB card had not been invented at that time. Technology changes every day!


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