granite pattern and seam install concerns?

ltg7December 5, 2012

so i contracted a company to do a kitchen granite install amongst bathroom install and it looks like, to me, the granite install is not done properly. prior to the work being done, there was a bar area on my kitchen counter that they were going to add granite, and they did the template based on that kitchen bar area. well, that changed. the bar area had a column and i had it removed within a few days of the template, and had advised them prior to the template. luckily they didnt cut anything yet so they came out and did a re-template of the granite. no biggie, i thought. well, i was out of town and when i got back it looks like the bar area was now cut into 3 pieces. two big pieces and then 1 small section on the left side of the bar, in other words they added a 3rd seam. in addition to this, the santa cecilia had line patterns flowing in one direction, which they did across the kitchen and bar, however, when they went on the other side of the oven, they flipped the pattern so it does not even flow.

i guess my question is, should i have been notified and/or advised that this was occurring for both the bar area and the flipped piece on the other side of the bar? it doesnt look right to me and i expected a clean/new installation. after discussing with the company, they want me to pay for an extra slab in order for them to fix these areas. i dont feel that it is correct of me. granted, a contract was signed, so what grounds do i have to stop any remaining work they are to perform in my house?

hopefully the pictures come out and show what i am talking about. i just want to make sure i m in the right to be able to complain and stop any other work in my house until this is resolved. i dont think this should be an additional cost to me, however. am i correct in thinking this?

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One piece, two piece - whatever - the right hand piece on the cabinet has the pattern in the wrong direction. That is bogus and they should fix it for free.

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Thanks tj, that's what I suspected. Have any thoughts on that 3rd seam over the bar area?

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I can only see the last picture, where it is clear the pattern is going the wrong way. But, I cannot see any of the pictures showing a 3rd seam.

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Ah ok. Let me repost individually with pics. I added the links in my original message above but looks like they didn't come out.

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here's a pic from the sink area

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how weird! I don't think I'd accept that. Was this full price granite from a slab, or was this always a "remnant" job, because it looks like they pieced a bunch of remnants together to get your kitchen.

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Well, uncertain at this point. Basically, after speaking to the owner, I have options to resolve the issue. I just want to make sure I'm in the right to complain about this and not being overly picky.

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You are not being overly picky, imo.

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thanks for your feedback, kirk.

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