Chainlink fence posts rusting in concrete

brussoMay 22, 2007

The chainlink fence posts at the local pool are rusted at the bottom and some are even broken right at the concrete level. Is there a way to fix this without pulling out the metal post and resinking another one?


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I had a similar problem at a house I lived at years ago. A fence contractor came out, took the caps off the affected posts and inserted metal sleeves (it took a bit of hammering with a mallet to get them all the way down). It worked really well and the fence was still going strong when I moved out several years later. I don't know if he made the sleeves custom or they are a readily available product. If you can't find them and have access to a wood lathe, you could always take a piece of 4x4 redwood and turn it to the right diameter to insert into the posts. I've done that with rusted out wrought iron fence posts and it works well (the wrought iron is easier because the posts are square so you don't need a lathe).

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we have always just sunk a new post right next to the bad one.

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