Toaster Ovens

pink_warm_mama_1June 6, 2010

Anyone have an opinion on the best toaster oven and how much energy it saves? Or are you opposed to them and, if so, why. Is there something better? Many thanks for any comments and help.

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My opinion... Each time I've purchased a new toaster oven, they have gone down-hill in quality and never last as long as it's predecessor, until I just plain quit using them.

The basic theory -- the smaller appliance, the less energy used -- is generally true. I always check ACTUAL energy use of appliances with a Kill-A-Watt Meter so that I know how much it's costing.

For instance - boiling 5-cups of water:
-Electric Kettle - 5-minutes using .11 kWh
-Induction Cook Top - 8-minutes - .15 kWh
-Sharp Convection/Microwave - 13-minutes - .29 kWh

I'd also suggest getting a toaster oven with a Convection feature, which means you can generally bake things in 25% less time (some things I can cut baking time by 50%) and lower the temperature by 25°F.

After the last toaster oven caught on fire, we installed a Sharp Convection/Microwave oven over the stove. I use it for nearly all my baking. I can bake two loaves of yeast bread in 25-minutes and NO preheating (using .49 kwH - or .03 cents at the cost of electricity here).
Cookies bake in 5-7 minutes. I bake them on three 12-inch round pizza pans. I can stack them on the racks and bake more cookies with 3 pans than in my regular oven with one cookie sheet.

I'd suggest going to your local library and check Consumer Reports for what's hot and what's NOT in the toaster oven division. Brands change so quickly...

I'd also get one large enough to be useful for general baking, not just toasting bagels or heating frozen tater tots and chicken nuggets. I used to make whole meals in a toaster oven. I also have several cookbooks that are Toaster Oven specific and great for recipes for small families or 1 or 2 people. Check your local library for copies.


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For instance - boiling 5-cups of water:
-Electric Kettle - 5-minutes using .11 kWh
-Induction Cook Top - 8-minutes - .15 kWh
-Sharp Convection/Microwave - 13-minutes - .29 kWh

Does it really take 8 minutes for an induction cooktop to boil 5 cups of water? I thought it was much faster.

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graywings -

Yep, it really does.... My elevation is 1,224 ft. if that needs to be added to the equation. I have a BergHOFF induction hot plate that goes up to 1600W. Using the highest setting, it took 8-minutes.


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Sort of off topic but when I watch food prep shows on tv the times always seem much to short. Such as baking a cake in 20 minutes or toasting the topping on something in 5 minutes. I know toasting ovens can finish a dish quicker than a regular oven but what about times.

Having burned myself badly on a toaster oven I don't want one near me but I have seen ones that appear to be insulated so the heat does not come through the walls.

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I live in central Florida & really try to keep anything that gets hot out of my house in the summer. I have a toaster oven that I use on my screened back porch to do most of my baking during the summer. I'm sure there is no saving on the electric used but my air conditioner doesn't work as hard to keep the house cool.

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I think that my microwave will boil 5 cups of water in less than 5 min.

It takes about 1.45 min. to heat a mug of water, or milk directly from the fridge, usually, but heats multiple cups more quickly.

ole joyful

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I use the little $10 electric tea pot from walgreens to boil water for things.. its faster by one minute than the microwave for instant oatmeal water or mug of hot cocoa. Sometimes I boil an extra couple splashes to sterilze my kitchen sink or to soften the stuckon extra crunchy/dirty bowl/plate. I would guess its maybe 4 yrs old or more, daily use.

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I use my toaster oven for my crafts they come out pretty good.that's the only time i'll use mine.

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I love my toaster oven with the convection feature. It is just the right size for most of my casserole dishes. It saves a lot of money when I use it to bake or broil rather then my big oven using expensive propane.

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