Front Elevation - Updating

jbstxDecember 23, 2012

We are looking for ideas or sketches to help determine the best way to update the front elevation to this home. Ideally, we are focused on finding a design which will update and improve the curb appeal of this home without completely redesigning and moving walls (ie. would like to keep costs in check).

Some ideas we've considered is painting the brick, taking down the wrought iron fencing and brick column (to open up the front entryway), removing the tree, etc.

We'd love any thoughts/feedback/ideas you may have to improve the front elevation.

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At least a third of the front elevation is covered by the tree in the middle of the lot. You can do all you wish but with that tree there no one will be able to see it.

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Can you post a closer-up photo of what's in that courtyard area?

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The tree is pretty, but it is blocking the entrance.Trim up the lower branches and see how that looks before you take it out completely. Or take out one trunk. Except it may have to come out anyway, if it will grow too big to be that close to the house.

(aside- the problem with trees too close to the house is that their roots shrink and swell with the rainfall. This means the soil near the foundation may shift, and that's bad.)

It's hard to see under the tree, but it looks like the front door has no accent. The roof above is straight, and it's recessed. So make the twin brick pillars on either side of the entry more eye-catching. Maybe paint just those? Or cover them with tile or some spot of color.If there's no security reason to keep them tall, then waist high would be more welcoming. What color? Hmm, a chocolate brown like the garage door would be a safe choice, but I would love to see it in a plum. Not that I would be that adventurous on my own house, mind you! How much plum is in the brick color? Maybe burgundy, although that always seems to fade to dusty rose. Or a dusty shade of orange, depends on the brick.

I would also trim back the hedge under the windows so that it stops short of the walk, and maybe put a half barrel there with bright annuals. And maybe a second one between the windows.
You might even make that section of walk wider by adding six inches of gravel along both side of the walk.

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