Help... Jasc took over opening pictures

sapphiresNovember 4, 2007


Just installed Jasc PSP 7 and it has taken over opening my pictures. How can I get it to go back to whatever was opening them prior to this installation? Thank you. MS Windows XP Home Ed. Ver 5.1.2600 IE 7.0


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Can you right click on one of the pictures and scroll down to properties and where it says "opens with" click on it and browse to whatever program you used before to open then and then click ok or apply or whatever is there.
Hope that helps.

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Yes, I checked and I can do what you suggest. However I would have to go into each picture folder and do each pic seperately to open with (whatever I choose). How can I do the whole folder to my liking? Once changed will it stip any future pics form opening with Jasc? Thank you.


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Hi Sapphires,

- Open My Documents
- Click on Tools
- Click on Folder Options
- Click the last tab; File Types
- Scroll down to .JPE, .JPEG, .JPG
- Highlight the first one
- Near the bottom of the window it will tell you the name of the program that it opens with
- Click Change & select the program that you want to open your pics
- Make sure there is a check mark by "Always use this program etc"
- Click Okay
- Repeat these steps for the other 2 jpg extensions

Hope this helps... : ))


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Just the way I want it!

Thanks to both of you for replying.


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I wish to scan some old, but faded, color photos. I've heard a computer program exists that will restore the colors automatically while scanning. It's supposed to be good at it. Seems it was connected with Epson but am not sure. Does anyone know what the program or programs might help? Thanks, Gene

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