Refrigerator filters

patty1297June 22, 2010

Just bought one at Sears for $40 and think that is outrageous. So how does one get away with reusing or finding a cheaper replacement type? Can they be relined with some filter fabric or somthing? This is a small tube that filters the water for drinking.

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Check prices at online sources. Online sellers all seem to be within a few dollars of each other, but likely are less than storefront retailers. Sometimes a package of two or three filters costs less per-filter than buying one at at time. I've never heard of a way to reuse a filter, they're sealed and would have to be cut or broken open to "clean" which likely isn't possible anyway.

Be aware that it's not just the water dispenser that runs through the dispenser, the ice maker fills through it as well. Don't ignore changing the filter, as it'll clog over time and impede the water flow rate. You also don't want the water flow running for a long period of time through the collected debris of a neglected filter.

Some units will work with the filter removed (automatic bypass), some have a bypass plug that must be put in place of a missing filter ... others won't work at all without a filter.

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I usually buy mine on ebay. I won't spend $40 at sears anymore. Try filters fast, I paid less then $30 I think. I got it right away.

Here is a link that might be useful: filters

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Thanks guys, will be doing some checking.
I can't believe the tap water would be ok for me to use but the same water going thru the refrig needs to be filtered. Doesn't make since.

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There's no requirement as such that water going into a refrigerator be filtered. Refrigerators have had ice makers for YEARS without any filtering being involved. Appliance manufacturers have added water filters to refrigerators primarily as a selling point, a "value-added" feature ... although in many cases I imagine filtering does have some benefits. Consumers are forced into an ongoing expense of changing the filter on a regular basis, except in the cases of units that allow bypassing of the filter as I mentioned above. Check your instruction manual, or simply remove the filter for a while and check if the water dispenser and ice maker still work.

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Part but not all of the reason to have a filter is mineral deposits in water. Most will not hurt you in fact may help your bones be stronger, but can clog up the lines running through the ice maker and water dispenser. Depending on what minerals in your water, ours has a lot of lime, replacing the filters may be cheaper than replacing the lines.

The other part is for advertising.

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We connected our refrigerator to the main RO water system and ignore the "change filter" light.

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I went to home depot and bought regular huge screw on jar type water filter with block carbon filter.. for less than that money and replacement filter is under 10 dollars. when it looks bad,, change it. Not too often rated 1500 gallons or something.

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