Wasted show on Green planet

junebug88June 4, 2008

Has anybody wasted their time watching the show "Wasted" on the new Green planet network formerly Discovery home?

Some of the ideas may be good but one idea is pure stupidity.

Family lives in area where palm trees grow so most likely it is hot and temperate, right?

The suggestion for them to cut their meager heat bills for only a couple of months by use of a single radiator is to cut down the trees! I would think the people would want to plant as many trees as possible to shade the house in summer heat!!!!

Trees naturally cool and they do block radiant heat getting to windows in winter, but if you live in the Palm tree area of the globe who cares about a couple of months versus 9 months of 90-100+ degrees weather.


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I'm sure they will listen to you! LOL!

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Without any comment relative to the validity or wisdom of this particular message ... it's through similar types of messages disseminated widely that people became more environmentally aware ... and concerned.

While there are still a number of persons/agencies who deny the validity of global warming and pollution (and many question the motivation of some of them), there are others who maintain that we may well be close to, or even past, the point of no return in terms of making the continued existence of mankind on this polluted planet possible.

While some term it the destruction of the planet, others say that it's not the total destruction of the planet ... just the continued existence of mankind, who require a very special set of environmental conditions.

Most likely a lot of the animals and birds (the ones with less strict environmental requirements), plus insects, plants, etc. would survive.

And probably be thankful (if animals, birds,etc. are capable of such anthropomorphic concepts) that man had disappeared ... for it gave them a much enhanced potential survival!

ole joyful

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Another message tonight was on our taste for cashmere wool relative to creation of dust bowls. They stated that our need for cashmere wool from sheep was causing more sheep. Therefore, more plants to be eaten by the sheep,therefore dust bowls are created. They are so Stupid,Stupid. Sheep may eat plants to the ground, but there are not enough herds to create dust bowls. I would think drought has more to do with the far reaching and long lasting dust storms!

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so... I am curious...

Since this show upsets you so much with misinformation, why waste your time watching it?

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You have to take climate into consideration. That show comes from New Zealand. The houses they show do not have air-conditioning or even central heating.

To get a better sense of what it feels like, I compared the seasonal temperature ranges to Maryland. Their summer seems pretty close to our late September, and winter to late October.

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