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mrsgymJune 8, 2009

I can't remember a web site that I use to check before we made hotel reservations. This was a site solely used by consumers to rate the accommodations where they stayed. It was great, and very helpful. Any suggestions?

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I always use - don't know if that is the one that you are thinking of, but I highly recommend it!

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Maybe it was ??

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I used or maybe it was several years ago to book a room at Holiday Inn in Oklahoma City. We were taking our grandsons up to the Omniplex for spring break and wanted a place with a swimming pool.

When we got there, we found there was only one bed in the room, even though I had specified with that we needed two. The desk clerk said because of spring break there was nothing else. Luckily we had the boys' sleeping bags with us so we decided they could camp out on the floor. After we got settled in our room, the boys put on their swimsuits and headed down for the pool, as we had spent a long day at the Omniplex. They came right back and said the pool was closed.

I called to find out what was going on and they said some kids the day before had taken a bunch of hotel soaps and put them in the pool and messed up the water and they were having to wait for it to all settle out, but that it should be opened back up soon. Well, it was closed all the rest of that day and all of the next day, at least during the time that we were there. The boys were really disappointed, and bored, because I hadn't brought anything for them to do thinking they'd be occupied in the pool most of the time. I expressed my displeasure with the accommodations when we checked out and they just shrugged their shoulders. They had one of those "satisfaction guaranteed or your money back" signs and I drew their attention to that and they said since I had booked the room with that was not available to me, that I needed to contact and try to get my money back from them.

After we got home, I tried that, and said I needed to write a letter to the Holiday Inn where we stayed, that they weren't responsible for an unsatisfactory room. I did that, and the manager wrote me back and sent me a certificate for a free stay, which I couldn't use because we're some distance from Oklahoma City and didn't return there until the certificate expired. So be careful with those third-party reservation people.

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