Just need siding patch?

chuehMay 12, 2009

Is there such a product to fix siding; something to repair a hole of the siding?

I don't know what in the world the siding had a hole today? The house is only 2 and a half years old. The entire siding was fine until yesterday. All at sudden, there was a hole in the siding when I woke up. Strange! It looked like something harsh thrown onto it and made a hole.

Since all the siding is fine, except the hole, can I just patch it with a readily available material to fix it? Thanks

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Wood, vinyl, metal? How big is the hole?

There are products to fix small holes. Larger holes may need different repairs.

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Did you or a neighbor cut the lawn with a power mower? A neighbor had the same problem a few years ago. Then when he was mowing the grass near the house and hit some stone, he saw the hole appear when a stone hit the house. He has vinyl siding. As handymac said, there are repair kits. In my neighbors case, he had some scraps left over from when they did his siding. We cut a patch and used contact cement and repaired the hole. It has held up for 2 years now and blends in with the rest of the siding just fine.

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Yes, it is vinyl siding. The hole is about 2" in diameter, with crack around it. Well, we use a power mower, so does the neighbor. However, the lawn is off the house a little.

I just recalled that these past 3 days, woodpeckers have waken us up. They or the power mowers could be the ones who made the hole of the vinyl siding.

If it's the power mower, then we cannot do anything about the prevention. If it's the woodpecker, it signals something worse. This house is only 2 and a half years old. We moved in when it was just finished building. We started having woodpeckers soon after moving in. Is it possible that this new house already having termites? Ever since, woodpeckers have come once in a while in summer. However, this past 3 days, they came every morning.

I have found termites in the yard though, even in planted pots. What should we do for both the woodpecker problem and what to do next? Thanks

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