Airline Ticket--Where to Purchase?

ozziepuppyJune 30, 2010

Hi All, I need to get an airline ticket (round trip) between Wichita, KS and Tucson, AZ (or could be Phoenix if significantly cheaper). I am wondering how to do this in a cost-effective way. I know there are online sites claiming to sell less-expensive tickets, but I don't know which ones can be trusted, so I am concerned about purchasing from them. I would really appreciate advice/suggestions/comments from those of you who have used any of these sites, as I need to get my trip scheduled for late July or early August (and I know things can be less expensive if they are scheduled further in advance). Any help would be SO appreciated!! Thanks.

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First find out which airlines service Wichita and check their direct fares. Then try some of the services. You may find that the time spent in the air is more than driving.

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Be aware that you need to book your flight immediately when you get an acceptable price online. The system will only allow x number of seats at such-and-such price, and if you miss it, well, it's gone. So you might pay a few bucks more, sometimes, but you have your seat on the day you want to fly. And don't give up on your real live local travel agents, who have the software to get you the best available tickets sometimes.

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Wichita is not a major destination. After I posted I looked up which airlines used that airport. There were only about 5. The cheapest ticket was on Airtran and there were only a few left. It also only flew on certain days. The next lowest was over $300 each way. I have driven from Tucson to Oklahoma City in about 12 hours. Wichita is depending on where in the area about 1 1/2 hours or less from Ok City. To get cheaper seats you need to start looking several months in advance. Right now I am waiting for the March 2011 rates to be posted on SW. I will use those as a basis to see if tickets are sale priced.

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There is a shuttle service between the Phoenix airport and the Tucson one.

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I always check for plane tickets. If you register on their site you will have more tools to use to determine best fares. Also is a good way to find inexpensive flights. Both services compare actual costs including all fees and taxes.

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I always go to first.

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