How to remove drawer in Craftsman Toolbox

Tropical_MuseMay 21, 2006

Something has slipped behind a drawer in my Craftsman (big red) metal toolbox. I can see it, but it's out of my reach and I'm unable to remove the drawer to get to it.

As a result, the bottom drawer will not close, and I cannot shut down the top and lock the unit.

There must be a way to get past the stop on the drawer so I can remove it but I have tried everything I can think of with no result...what am I missing?!?!

Thanks, Meg

(I also posted this on the Garage/Workshop forum.)

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Typically, on the side of the extension slide, there is a black flat spring that serves as a retainer. Pry out the part of the spring that goes through the hole in the slide and the drawer should remove completely.

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If the drawers are compound slides (no bearings), Pull the drawer out to its fullest extension, hold the slides and push the drawer back in about 1/2", using a small screwdriver (thru the slot) bend the keeper on the drawer in so that it will come out of the slide.

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My SnapOn box came with two flat pieces of slightly bent spring steel that were inserted in the center of the slides mounted to the drawers---those pieces caused the spring steel stops on the cabinet mounted half of the slides to be depressed----letting the drawer be removed.

You should be able to make a pair of those by cutting them mfrom a tin can. Or buy a pair from Sears.

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lourock, Thank you so much for your tip - it worked! I was trying to push the restraint in from the front of the slide - your idea to recess the slide, then apply pressure did the trick!!

bus_driver and handymac, thak you for responding to my question. Even though my drawers are different than the ones you had suggestions for I really appreciate all your input.

Bravo to you all!

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Yipee! I finally got to contribute. I have asked many questions on the electrical forum and have been helped greatly by the "legends" such as brickeye, busdriver, pete, and many others. Meg, make sure you bend that little tab back out a little before you reinstall the drawer (hold the slides and push with your body until you hear a snap on each side) or your toys could end up in the floor. Personal experience.

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Anyone know where I can find one of those Spring Clips? I've lost one and we don't have a Sears Parts Store in the area.


Bill Sommer

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Sear has online parts.

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Anyone know where I can obtain a couple of those Spring Clips that hold the Sears' drawers from coming out? I have one broken on two different drawers.



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Did anyone find out where to get those clips from? I need about 18 of them, mine look like this:


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The part that you are looking for is a spring clip. Sears has them and Waterloo has them. The part number is M3163. Waterloo sells them for 1.09 per clip and sears sells them for 2.16 per clip. Your choice. Waterloo toolboxes is what I am referring to.

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I just brought a new craftmens tool box I need to put the wheels on it however i can not get the draws to come out. The directions say pull the plactice tab up on the left side while depressing the plastice tab on the right side? this is not working at all. What am I doing wrong?

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I need a pair of the slides, including those spring steel clips, for an older 11" deep Craftsman toolbox. Can't order from Sears without a toolbox model number, but can't find a model no. anywhere on the box itself. Anyone have a model number that will work?

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The slides have a sears part number stamped on them. I just ordered one for my tool box from sears $21.09

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Thank goodness for these postings. Have been trying to figure out how to remove my drawers for years, but without success. Today I decided that no matter what, I was going to figure out how to remove my drawers. Just as I was about to give up, I decided to try Google. Low and behold, there was the answer. Thanks to all of you who take the time to post solutions for others to benefit from.

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